Cute Shit You Made with My Yarn

Sharing the brilliantly color-paired, stunningly cute, squishy as all get-out works you have created using Fiction Fiber.

Colorways: Full Girl Detectives Collection Set
PHOTO CREDIT Alexandra Gordon


Shawlography Shawl

COLORWAY COLLECTION # 2: Girl Detectives | View

It was so exciting to see Alexandra use the full Girl Detectives collection on one of Stephen West’s iconic mystery shawl knitalongs. They have such a keen sense for pairing the colors to make them all pop! It was so fun for me to see some of the colors paired in various colorwork sections of the shawl and think, wow I didn’t even think of putting those together, but I love it. Alexandra’s work is always extra juicy in color and she also works in paint, sewing, lino, baked goods, and other arts. Also her outfits are always extra cute. Like really really cute though.


Colorways: Polygraph | Overlooked Clue
PHOTO CREDIT Keriann Egeland


Sleuth Beret

COLORWAY COLLECTION # 2: Girl Detectives | View

I was excited for Keriann to join the Sleuth Beret knitalong because she’s super friendly, has been excited about Fiction since the beginning, and she always gets into full character for her FO photos, which is a basic human need that I totally understand. Her pairing of Polygraph and Overlooked Clue remind me of fresh strawberries. Keriann finishes fiber projects faster than anyone I know while also being a skilled sewist with an Etsy shop for her designs.

@runningamuckdesigns | Etsy