Trying to Make Out

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Sent to Earth to forage aberrant colors to send back to her home planet of Zoog, Fanny really just wants to make out with Danny, a volunteer UFO field investigator who helps her on weekend color expeditions in the woods. Unfortunately her interspecies make out dreams are continually dashed by Danny’s total focus on welding and alien research. Of mild additional concern, Fanny’s roommate, avid knitter and crocheter Rooth, sniffs out that some of Fanny’s yarn is not really from Earth–could Rooth discover that Fanny is an alien and stop being friends with her? Then Danny seems interested for once–but can it be trusted? Get ready for too many thoughts on the color chartreuse from Fanny, overly numerous dead plant babies from Rooth, and a full understanding of the differences between various types of welding helmets courtesy of Danny.

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Print Version – Color Cover, Blk/Wht Interior, #100 lb cardstock with matte finish

from the quarterly literary zine, FANNY GETS A BOYFRIEND; OR DOES SHE?

About the series

Fanny’s already one of the best color foragers in the galaxy. She’s also an extraterrestrial blob who’s been baked into human form in what’s really just a very detailed muffin tin. Things are great. So what does she want with a grumpy Earth boy? Surely not to make out with him. This has to be a weird phase she’s going through. Let’s watch her struggle.

Story and illustration by Catie Robbins.

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1 review for Trying to Make Out

  1. Kim (verified owner)

    smart, funny, and delightfully presented!! the zine is a nice size for reading and the cover is sturdy, it survived being battered around in my backpack. the issue itself is a lively and whimsical rom-com that perfectly blends comedy and drama, and the characters are all so endearing! it takes our ordinary world and makes it new and magical. i 100% recommend this and i’m so excited for the next issue to come out

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