Girl Detectives

This colorway collection is all about primaries, and celebrating the light and the dark of detective fiction. Sleuths are classic archetypes just like primaries are classic colors, and they make me think of bright plaids and simple colors. The mysterious events that detectives find themselves mixed up in are usually of the darker variety. My challenge to myself here was to create a collection where any two colorways make each other pop in a special way.


Fiction Fiber is a shop for hand dyed yarn, and home of a literary zine about an extraterrestrial color forager and yarn dyer.

CURRENT ISSUE: Fanny Gets A Boyfriend; Or Does She? No. 1

Trying to Make Out

Sent to Earth to forage aberrant colors to send back to her home planet of Zoog, Fanny really just wants to make out with Danny, a volunteer UFO field investigator who helps her on weekend color expeditions in the woods. Unfortunately her interspecies make out dreams are continually dashed by Danny’s total focus on welding and alien research. Of mild additional concern, Fanny’s roommate, avid knitter and crocheter Rooth, begins to uncover Fanny may not be as human as she seems. Then Danny seems interested for once–but can it be trusted? Get ready for too many thoughts on the color chartreuse from Fanny, overly numerous dead plant babies from Rooth, and a full understanding of the differences between various types of welding helmets courtesy of Danny.

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As an indie yarn dyer, my mission is to bring deeply involving colorway collections that inspire fiber crafters as much as the stories they consume! I hope that each new colorway collection gives you the chance to feel that you are entering a new realm.

This yarn is dyed for you: yarn fiends of all backgrounds, all races, all genders, all sexual orientations, and all sizes.