Silly Slime


“When you’re in your alien blob form, what do you look like?” Ruth asks.
“I’ve done a little research into that,” I say. “I think I most closely resemble a human toy called Nickelodeon Gak Super Stretch.”
“What?” Danny asks. He looks mildly surprised, the first time he has all day. “No, you look like silly putty. But more slimy. I’d call you silly slime.”

Inside I feel I am melting, even though I know my human form gives me the outer appearance of stillness.

Issue No. 2, Fanny Gets A Boyfriend; Or Does She?


Steady injections of chlorophyll banded by highlighter chartreuse. I would call this one a tonal plus, you’ll get little stripe-lets of the greener bits popping in and our like matrix code but overall one color, great for busy patterns and as a brave accent in colorwork.

In dk weight for a lightweight fabric that doesn’t take forever to knit. This yarn has several plies for a very round, yet fluffy barrel that smooshes between your fingers and puffs up in your project. I like knitting it with size 3 needles for a dense but drapey fabric.

1/9 skeins, Limited Dye Lot Colorway – Dyed in very small batches, these colorways hold hints to moments from the next zine issue!


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Extra soft and fluffy SW 100% merino dk

A note regarding color variation:

Every skein is unique, as is the nature of small-batch hand-dyed yarn, but I do my best to match skeins sent in a single order.

Photography represents the true color as accurately as possible, but it is impossible to account for the subjective nature of color perception or the color settings of various screens.

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Weight 2.3 oz
Dimensions 9.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 in


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